We study protein structure and function to understand the molecular details of the macromolecules that carry out fundamental cellular processes. By advancing our knowledge of protein function, we can better understand how specific protein deficiencies lead to human disease, and we can potentially identify new ways to regulate protein activity for therapeutic treatments. A major objective of our work is to determine the three-dimensional structure of proteins to visualize how their architecture and design are related to their functions in the cell. We use biophysical techniques, biochemical tools, and cell biological approaches to assay protein structure and function.

Research Themes:

  • PARP enzymes in the cellular response to DNA damage

  • Mechanisms regulating DNA replication and repair efficiency

  • Structural biology of the PARP enzyme Tankyrase

  • PARP enzymes involved in the cellular response to stress

Macromolecular crystals
Crystal X-ray diffraction
Electron density map
Laser strike DNA damage
Negative stain electron microscopy
Protein-DNA complex x-ray structure
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Electron density map