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Training Opportunities

We are always looking for talented new people to join our research team!
Undergraduate research
Internships with independent research projects are available for undergraduate students, and with course credit possible for UdeM undergraduates in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. Please enquire by email (john.pascal at and provide a statement of motivation and interest and most recent grade report.
Graduate studies (MS and PhD)
Please enquire by email (john.pascal at and provide a letter of motivation and research interests and most recent grade report. Apply to the UdeM graduate program in biochemistry hosted within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.
Postdoctoral research
Recent PhD graduates with experience in biochemistry, protein purification, and structural biology (particularly x-ray crystallography, NMR, electron microscopy) are encourage to apply for a postdoctoral research position. Please send a letter of motivation, summary of research experience, and the contact information for three potential references (email to john.pascal at
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